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Mobile Phones – Low price Mobiles: Small Electronic Devices is the premier online source for top quality low price mobiles direct from Small Electronic Devices. All these Cell Phone models are original designs, carefully controlled for top quality and performance. Everything you see is in stock right now in our Shenzhen warehouse, available to ship out next day. All the cellphones here are unlocked and ready to use in GSM networks worldwide.

Low price Mobile Phones: Amazing Value For Money

Not everyone wants a smartphone. Some of us are happy with a reasonably intelligent one. Budget phones offer several advantages over their more expensive rivals. For one thing, they tend to be easier to use – no endless menus to navigate, no hefty manuals, no frustrating calls to the support line to find out how to switch it on! Secondly, you can afford to lose one. You can take a budget phone with you wherever you go without being afraid that you’ll leave it behind or have it stolen. And thirdly, because you mainly use the phone for calls and texts, it won’t contain all your valuable email addresses and personal details, so low price phones are better from a security point of view too.


Apple iPhone 4S 32GB (Unlocked)_21

Apple iPhone 4S 32GB SIM Free factory unlocked picks up where amazing left off. It’s the fastest, most powerful iPhone ever.


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Wireless Desk Phone

Wireless GSM Desk Phone – Quadband, SMS function

CVVO-M281-N1: Wireless Quadband GSM Desk Phone: Mixing the affordable pricing deals of a mobile phone SIM card with the convenience of the original desk phone.




Android Phone Watch Rock

Android Phone Watch “Rock” – 2 Inch Capacitive Screen, 8GB Micro SD, 2MP Camera

CVFM-M277:  With Android 2.2 OS, 2.0 Inch Capacitive Touchscreen, and a 2MP Camera, the Rock Smartphone Watch will totally rock on your wrist.




Rugged Design Mobile Phone Fortis


Rugged Design Mobile Phone “Fortis” – Dustproof, Shockproof, Waterproof, Quad Band GSM, Dual SIM

CVWN-M226-Orange-2GEN: Mobile phone built for all-purpose environments is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof making it virtually indestructible and perfect for the outdoors.




Rugged Mobile Phone Vigis_CVXM-M273-N2_a

Rugged Mobile Phone “Vigis” – Shockproof, Waterproof, GPS, Walkie Talkie

CVXM-M273-N2: Rugged outdoor mobile phone, almost indestructible with waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof design, and with many useful features such as GPS.




Bluetooth Fashion Bracelet with Time Display_CVFM-B48_2

Bluetooth Fashion Bracelet with Time Display (Call/Distance Vibration, Caller ID, Music)

CVFM-B48:  stylish Bluetooth vibrating bracelet vibrates on calls and distance from your cell phone whilst also displaying the time, caller IDs





Voice and Call Recorder for Mobile Phones – Bluetooth, 8GB

CVJP-B46:  Featuring one-button recording for phone calls and conversations, this Bluetooth Voice and Call Recorder is the easiest to use and most convenient…




Mobile Phone Watch Assassin Dawn Quadband GSM-CVSL-M267-N1

Mobile Phone Watch “Assassin Dawn” – Quadband GSM, MP4, Touch Screen

CVSL-M267-N1:  Introducing the Assassin Dawn Watch Phone: More powerful and more stylish than ever, this mobile phone watch is smart, elegant, and perfect for…




 Mobile Phone Watch Panther Quad Band GSM-CVSL-M117-3GEN-2

Mobile Phone Watch “Panther” – Quad Band GSM, Touchscreen, Keypad

CVSL-M117-3GEN: Touchscreen Mobile Phone Watch “Panther” with Keypad is here to help make your life easier. Wear it on your wrist to instantly make phone call and text friends




 Rugged Waterproof Mobile Phone-CVVB-M294-N1-2

Rugged Waterproof Mobile Phone – 2.2 Inch Display, Dual SIM, Quad Band

CVVB-M294-N1: Rugged, waterproof and shockproof mobile phone with 2.2 Inch Phone, dual SIM and Quad Band capabilities.




 GPS Cell Phone Watch

GPS Cell Phone Watch with SOS Calls – Quad Band, Two Way Calling

CVNI-G170-N1: GPS Watch Phone displaying your exact Longitude and Latitude, GPS tracking, and two way calling




Small Electronic Devices’s phones are unlocked and ready to use on GSM networks worldwide. Our phones are user-friendly while still being full of all the features you expect, such as Dual SIM and quad-band GSM (see the glossary).

They are currently in hot demand, with individuals and wholesalers. If you own a webshop or are an eBay trader, low price mobiles and mobile accessories are a good opportunity for you to realise a quick profit, by purchasing bulk orders or single item dropship deliveries. In fact, our low price mobile phones are so versatile that they continue to be one of our top categories, making them ideal for reselling. You could order a few different samples, choose the models you like, or the models you think will sell best, and then order in bulk to save on shipping and get an even lower wholesale price.

All Small Electronic Devices products are built to the same high standards. However higher priced phones are likely to be a special design, such as a watch phone or an all-terrain phone, have better screen resolution or features like a QWERTY keyboard, GPS or a more advanced operating system.

What Are The Different Mobile Phones Available?

Small Electronic Devices’s low price mobile phone category includes affordable cellphones, cellphone watches and a large range of useful and fun phone accessories. Our cell phones include rugged, go-anywhere models that are shockproof, waterproof and, with easy-to-use keypads, idiot proof! We also offer phones specially designed for older people, with large keypads and an SOS button, and a children’s mobile with GPS tracking so you can keep your kids safe.

Our phone watches are perfect for would-be 007s or for people who just want something a little bit different. Using a phone watch doesn’t mean giving up any of the features you want. Most of Small Electronic Devices’s watch phones have touchscreens, MP3 and MP4 media players, Bluetooth, even video cameras. We also have models with GPS tracking, making them the ultimate safety phone for children.

Our accessories include everything from iPod docks and headsets to solar powered chargers and wireless flash drives. You can even buy a waterproof case for your iPhone or iPod touch, perfect if you want to listen to music in the bath!

In fact, whether you are looking for an unusual present that will raise a smile without breaking the bank, or a wholesaler looking for low-risk popular gadgets to sell on, Small Electronic Devices’s low price mobile phones and accessories are a good option.

The phones available from Small Electronic Devices offer the same features as the major brands but without you having to pay major brand prices. We are careful to source only the best quality devices. Each one you see on our website is fully tested and available in our warehouse, ready to be shipped to you today.

Mobile Phone Watch For Kids

Our mobile watch phone for kids (CVXO-M289) comes with a GPS tracker. Children will like the stylish design and cool features, while parents will appreciate the safety benefits. The quad-band GSM watch phone has a one-touch speed-dial function that lets kids phone an SOS message and GPS location to their parents in an emergency. The tracking device also means that parents can know where their kids are at any time. It even has a Bluetooth tether function – pair this watch phone to your own mobile phone and if the distance reaches over 10 meters, you will be instantly notified by a text message.

Rugged Phones For Outdoors Types

Small Electronic Devices’s low price mobile phones are perfect for anyone who likes the great outdoors. You want to go hiking in the mountains. You want to take a phone with you. What you don’t want is to take anything with you that you mind losing. A low price mobile phone is the answer. And a model like our rugged new “Vigis” (CVXM-M273-N1) is even more suitable. OK it costs a bit more, but it is packed with features, including GPS to tell you where you are and a compass to tell you where you’re going. It’s even got a temperature sensor and a bright LED flashlight so you can see where you’re going in the dark. And don’t worry if you drop your phone into a rocky stream – the “Vigis” is waterproof as well as shockproof and dustproof. In fact, with its 240-hour standby battery life, this phone could be a lifesaver. Anyone who’s ever seen the wilderness survival movie 127 hours should probably buy one now!

Know Your Cell Phone Jargon

  • GSM
    GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communications and is used for transmitting voice and data services on mobile phones. GSM supports voice calls and data transfer speeds of up to 9.6kbps, as well as the transmission of SMS (Short Message Service) texts.
  • Dual SIM
    Dual SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) phones let you fit two SIMs in a single handset. These phones are a great way of keeping your call charges to a minimum, by enjoying the advantages of more than one network. They are also popular with business users who can keep their personal and work calls separate.
  • Bluetooth
    Bluetooth technology enables you to transfer information over short distances without the need for a wire. A Bluetooth chip can be fitted in a computer, mobile phone or digital camera and used to transmit file data, such as music, photos or documents, to another Bluetooth enabled device without having to use a cable. The same technology makes it possible to link mobile phones with hands-free headsets, and is a vital part of connecting controllers and peripheral devices to computers, tablets and games consoles.
  • Android
    The Android operating system (OS) was developed specifically for mobile devices by Google. It is a hugely popular mobile platform. Many technology commentators argue that it is superior to Apple’s iOS.
  • GPS
    GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is a navigation system that uses a network of 24 satellites orbiting the planet to provide location and time information anywhere on earth. The system sends signals to and from the satellites to your GPS device and uses this information to calculate your position. The software in your GPS receiver can take this information and combine it with map data to display your position. The technology also enables you to plan routes, find out about nearby locations and approximate your speed and journey time.

Gadget Watch Phones

Do you spend valuable minutes in the morning looking for your mobile? Do you have to borrow another phone to ring yours, just so you can find out where it is? If you do, a low price watch phone could be the answer. A product like our “Trix” watch phone (CVXO-M326) is not only a stylish timekeeper – it is also a fully functioning phone. So you can keep it on your wrist and never have to waste time looking for your phone again. And the “Trix” is waterproof, too, so you won’t need to take it off when you get in the shower.

Comparing Prices To Main Phone Brands?

Affordable candy-bar style phones are available from most of the big names, including Alcatel, LG, Nokia, Panasonic and Samsung.

You can buy cheap phones pretty much anywhere – online at Amazon, in supermarkets and from phone retailers. The low price phones and accessories available from Small Electronic Devices offer the same features as the major brands but without you having to pay high prices. In fact, because we are sourcing direct from our factories, many of our phones have an increased features list, such as GPS, Dual SIM and touchscreens. So you not only get low prices, you also get a far wider selection to choose from.

You should keep visiting the Small Electronic Devices website for news of hot new products. In the near future you can expect to see higher spec watch phones, 3G compatibility and easy-to-use capacitive touch screens. Look out, too, for low price mobile phones with the Android OS, giving you access to more than 600,000 apps and games from Android Market.

Dual SIM Phones Are Easy To Set Up!

Dual SIM phones such as our snappy orange “Fortis” (CVWN-M226) help you to keep your private and work life separate, as you can switch between two SIMs on one phone. Many people are aware of phones with a Dual SIM function, but believe they cannot use both numbers at the same time and have to switch between them. Actually, it’s simpler than that. All our Dual SIM phones have dual-SIM standby, which means you can be contacted on either number at any time. We even have a tri-zone SIM phone (CVDQ-M257-2GEN), which lets you have three numbers available at any one time.

Cell Phone Retailer? Listing Tips:

Retailers and dropshippers of low price mobile phones should consider selecting good titles and description keywoards to attract more customers. Remember consumers may be searching on eBay or elsewhere for “cell phone”, “mobile phone”, “cellphone”, “mobiles”, “mobile phones”, “smartphones”, “mobile phones online”, “discount mobile phones” or any variation of the above. There is no harm in adding titles and keywords that match the keen bargain hunter, either, such as “low price iPhone”, “low price Android phone”, “discount electronics” and “discount gadgets”. Of course resellers should point out that Small Electronic Devices products are high quality as well as highly affordable.

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