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IP Cameras. Small Electronic Devices is your no.1 source for wholesale IP Cameras. This category offers you only the best quality professional equipment but at low factory-direct prices.

Browse into the subcategories to discover network surveillance equipment ranging from PTZ (pan tilt zoom controllable) IP Cameras, Indoor IP Cameras suitable for home and office security, Outdoor IP Cameras which are weatherproof or even vandal-proof for public spaces, and IP-enabled DVR systems – which offer a professional solution for turning normal CCTV cameras into network-enabled surveillance and video recording solutions.

Your Wholesale IP Camera Supplier

Internet Protocol (IP) cameras (also called network cameras, IP webcams and IP CCTV cameras) let you turn an ordinary broadband connection into a home or office surveillance system. Whether you want to watch over loved ones or keep an eye on your property, IP cameras offer a no-fuss, inexpensive solution for business or domestic security. Modern IP cameras are lightweight and durable, and are capable of recording high definition video and two-way audio that you can access from any PC connected to the internet or a computer network. You could site cameras in different rooms of a house, or separate business branches and enjoy the flexibility of remote access and control, recording and reviewing live video through your PC or laptop. You could use an IP camera to keep an eye out for intruders, keep a record of a break-in or simply set up a live view of something interesting on your company website.

We’ve divided our IP cameras into four main categories to help you find what you’re looking for. PTZ IP cameras can be pointed, tilted and zoomed by remote control from a computer, enabling you to monitor a larger area without the need for additional cameras. Our outdoor cameras are rugged and weatherproof and also include automatic night vision for 24/7 protection. Our indoor and office cameras are compact and easy to install, but still come with sophisticated features such as motion detection and night vision. Finally, our IP-enabled DVR category offers complete video recording systems from cameras to cables so you’re ready to go right out of the box. We are careful to source only the best quality products. Each IP camera you see on our website has been fully tested and is available now to be shipped to you today.



4 Camera Surveillance System

4 Camera Surveillance System – 4 Outdoor IP Cameras, H264 DVR, 500GB

CVLM-I102: The SecurONE kit is a complete system for local as well as remote surveillance right out of the box. It features advanced H.264 digital video recording…





8 Camera Surveillance Kit_CVLM-L232_5

8 Camera Surveillance Kit – 8 Outdoor CCTV Cameras, H264 DVR, 1TB

CVLM-I232:  Surveillance kit complete with 8 Night Vision Security Cameras and 1TB hard drive for video recording.




Wireless IP Speed Dome Security Camera DomeCam_CVYE-I278_2

Wireless IP Speed Dome Security Camera “DomeCam” – HD 720p, PTZ, 3x Optical Zoom

CVYE-I278: This speed dome IP camera features 720p HD recording, PTZ and 3x zoom. Connect the camera to your network and and start recording. With a 360 degree horizontal viewing angle, nothing will go unnoticed




DVR Surveillance System with 2x Indoor 2x Outdoor Cameras_CVJD-I235_2

Complete DVR Surveillance System with 2x Indoor + 2x Outdoor Cameras (H.264)

CVJD-I235:  More convenient than ever, this Complete DVR Surveillance System features 2x indoor cameras and 2x outdoor cameras so you..




4 Camera Security System SecurONE Plus_CVLM-I201-2GEN

4 Camera Security System “SecurONE Plus” – 4 Dome CCTV Cameras, H264 DVR, 1TB

CVLM-I201-2GEN: The “SecurONE Plus” is your one stop CCTV Camera set for home surveillance. Providing everything you need to set up your own CCTV network, this set offers great value for its money!




Wireless HD IP Security Camera-CVLM-I234-2GEN-2

Wireless HD IP Security Camera – PTZ, IR Cut, H264

CVLM-I234-2GEN: Fully equipped Security IP camera with HD resolution, PTZ control, and H.264 image compression




16 Camera Surveillance System Hexa Set 8 Indoor CCTV Cameras 8 Outdoor-CVLM-I255-2

16 Camera Surveillance System “Hexa Set” – 8 Indoor CCTV Cameras, 8 Outdoor, H264 DVR, 1TB

CVLM-I255: This high quality kit contains everything you need. With 8 indoor, 8 outdoor cameras and a DVR with 1TB HDD, you’ll have every angle of your property covered.




IP Camera

Speed Dome IP Camera “Ghost” – 30x Optical Zoom, 1/4 Inch CMOS Sensor, PTZ, 100m Nightvision

CVYP-I308: The “Ghost” Speed Dome IP camera is equipped with 14 Dot Matrix Array LEDs, providing 100m night vision. Rotating 360 degrees and featuring 30x optical zoom, this security camera is a real killer!








IP Cameras Are Useful Everywhere

Most people are likely to use an IP camera for surveillance of their home or business. But IP cameras needn’t only be there for when bad things happen. Imagine that you are going away for a couple of days. You leave enough food for you treasured pussy cat, Tibbles, but you’d like to see how she is getting on while you are away. A simple IP camera, such as our Wired / Wireless IP Security Camera with Nightvision and iPhone 4 Support (CVLM-I192) lets you do just that. Link it to your broadband (either by Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable) and you’re up and running. Once you arrive at your holiday destination, you can open up Safari on your iPhone and input the camera’s IP address for an instant video stream. Keeping an eye on Tibbles snoozing on the bed is now easier and more convenient than ever.

Another good use for an IP camera would be to keep an eye on a paddling pool or swimming pool in the back garden. It’s hot, the kids want to play in your garden pool and you need to work at the computer. You can’t do both, but you can make sure your children are safe by setting up an IP camera to oversee the kids splashing about while you get on with your work. With a two-way audio stream you can also keep an ear out for any problems and even tell them to calm down if they get too boisterous – that way the kids are happy, you get your work down and everyone stays safe.

Please note that the use of IP cameras is governed by privacy laws. Small Electronic Devices supports the professional and ethical use of surveillance and recording devices. We do not condone any violation of privacy laws, and expect you to abide by your local laws and licences for surveillance equipment installation and usage.


Useful IP Camera Terminology

  • CCD and CMOS
    A charge-coupled device (CCD) or complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) are two kinds of image sensing systems used in cameras and camcorders that convert an optical image into an electronic signal. The differences between the two systems are marginal, although CCD is generally thought to result in slightly better image quality.
  • H.264
    H.264 is short for H.264/MPEG-4 Part 10 or AVC (Advanced Video Coding). It is a common standard for compressing video files, and is one of the most frequently used formats for recording, compressing and distributing high definition (HD) video.
  • IP
    IP stands for Internet Protocol. An IP camera is a digital camera that can send and receive data via the internet or a Local Area Network (LAN). IP cameras are most commonly used for security and surveillance. Internet access means that the video recorded on the IP camera has the potential to be stored and viewed anywhere in the world. IP cameras usually transmit their data wirelessly, which means they don’t require the installation of cable.
  • IR cut off filter
    An Infrared cut off filter blocks infrared light to the camera while letting visible light in. Infrared light tends to wash out colour differences, so a camera with an IR cut off filter will have a far better chance of achieving optimal colour performance. Security cameras with an “IR cut” function will have an internal mechanism to move the filter into place during daylight (to get rid of IR interference in color reproduction) and remove it in low light and darkness when illumination from active IR LEDs is necessary.
  • PTZ
    PTZ stands for pan, tilt and zoom. A PTZ camera can be controlled remotely, either manually or automatically, to adjust the position of the camera, focusing in on movement or any activity that interests you. PTZ systems enable you to monitor a large area with a single camera, or a small number of cameras in a network.


Fisheye IP Camera Benefits

Having blind spots in your CCTV network can be costly. The 360-degree Fisheye “OmniSec” (CVYC-I261) IP camera gives you eyes in the back of your head. The “OmniSec” has an extreme wide angle lens with a 185 degree diagonal, horizontal and vertical field of view. The camera can swivel to record a 360-degree “fish-eye” image. The bundled software and web management interface can then be used to re-process this image to generate four different views, depending on your requirements, including a broad 360-degree view and quad view (which enables you to see all four corners of a room at once). With each of these four views you have the option to pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) to focus in on what interests you, while the two-way audio system lets you hear what’s going on and talk back if necessary through the built in speaker. Best of all, since this is an IP camera, you’ll be able to remotely switch the camera on and off, and watch and control the video feed straight from your web browser.


Choosing the Right IP Camera

There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing an IP camera system. Firstly, find out how many frames per second (FPS) the system records at. Cameras may provide anything from 1 to 45 FPS. Too few and the image will be jumpy. Too many and you may find yourself running out of internet bandwidth. Typically, business and home users should expect between 15 and 30 FPS for adequate playback. Secondly, you should consider image compression. There are three types of compression – MJPEG, MPEG-4, and H.264. Without going into too much detail, H.264 is the most sophisticated of these and uses the least bandwidth, which means you can use more cameras on the same broadband connection and/or record for longer onto a hard drive. Lastly, you might want to consider additional feature sets, such as wireless capabilities, which allow for easier set up, and pan, tilt and zoom, which gives you the flexibility to change your video image point of view.

At Small Electronic Devices we are quick to respond to the latest developments, and source the newest and best IP cameras and products from our factories. Our IP cameras film at respectable FPS rates and most come with H.264 compression. Our PTZ camera section includes some of the cheapest products of this type on the market. And don’t be fooled by the price! All our IP cameras are high quality and packed with sophisticated features including motion detection, night vision and two-way audio, so you can keep an eye (and an ear) on what matters most to you, wherever you happen to be.



Comparing Prices For IP Cameras

IP cameras can be purchased online from websites like Amazon and Buy.com and also from many specialist retailers – just Google “IP cameras”. The quality and feature set of products is improving constantly, especially if you compare today’s digital products with what was available only a few years ago. In the future we expect to see even better camera resolution, easier setup and improvements to software for increased functionality and slicker integration with mobile devices.

The latest tech news, including IP camera reviews, can be found at websites like CNET, Techcrunch, and ZDnet. In print you should check out magazines like PCPro as well as specialist magazines, such as Professional Security. And don’t forget to visit Small Electronic Devices’ own Hot Products category for our latest products. Also, if you see a cool new product on another website and wonder if Small Electronic Devices could source it for you for a cheaper price, why not check out our “Product Suggestions” form linked from our left sidebar in the shop website.


Selling IP Cameras – Tip

Are you in online retail? Would you like to sell more IP cameras, CCTV and surveillance equipment? Today’s customers not only want to read about products, they want to watch videos about them too. Unboxing videos, product demonstrations, reviews – this kind of content is not only fun to watch, it also helps to sell products. These days, even a cheap camcorder is packed with features that make it easy to create professional looking videos, which you can upload to YouTube and your own website. And with improved content on your website you’ll be easier to find on the search engines and will attract more visitors – which should mean more sales and greater profits for you.

Note about IP Cameras

Small Electronic Devices supports the professional and ethical use of surveillance and recording devices. We do not condone any violation of privacy laws, and expect you to abide by your local laws and licences for surveillance equipment installation and usage. All devices in this category are designed for professionals to install and are not suitable for beginners. Small Electronic Devices is a wholesaler not a retailer and so we cannot offer any kind of setup, usage, compatibility, cabling, software etc support or advice either before or after sales. All products are protected by our standard 12 month quality guarantee. All products which we make available online to add to your cart are guaranteed in stock, and standard volume orders within that stock level will be sent out within 1 working day of your order payment.

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